Jessica’s artistic road has been, to say the least, bumpy and she can easily say she is well-travelled having exhibited in Sweden, Spain, Germany, Malaysia and Australia.

Exploring the idea of Identity Jessica delves into the idiosyncrasies of hawkers on Rio de Janeiro’s famed beaches, Australia’s squiggly bark Eucalyptus, the cultural cauldron of Malaysia and most recently the impact of returning to her hometown in Australia. Jessica has been awarded numerous grants and sponsorships for her art making, particularly from Sweden and Malaysia. In 2010 the cultural centre Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia invited Jessica to represent Australia and work with her art making at Rimbun Dahan for 12 months.

The Swedish Artists’ Committee has awarded Jessica a number of grants including a yearlong Working Artist’s Grant and the City of Gothenburg has awarded her the prestigious Gothenburg City Arts’ grant for her contribution to the Arts in Gothenburg. Jessica has designed costumes for dance since 2000 with her costume designs being shown at the Gothenburg Opera.

Jessica b Watson is Australian by birth and Swedish by choice. Her work is held in collections in Australia, Sweden, Malaysia and the UK.


Rumah Uda Manap studio, Malaysia. Working on Rain falling on Butterflies


My textile artworks often develop out of simple sketches and depending on the complexity of the image I may use watercolour or colour pencil studies to further develop an idea or element within the artwork. For the stitched collages I usually paint a translucent material and cut the required shapes out freehand. Taking time to compose the shapes, the artwork develops gradually as I explore the effects of layered colour -with each new layer, colours change, creating new forms. Holding the collaged shapes in place a fluid and rhythmic stitching inspired by sinuous calligraphy and ink paintings cover the artwork.



Stitched artworks