Gecko on my shoulder

Gecko on my shoulder is a compilation of my Malaysian experiences during my yearlong Artist’s Residency at Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia in 2010. It is a sensory response to my environment. I stayed in a traditional Malay village house from Perak Rumah Uda Manap, which had been removed and relocated to the Rimbun Dahan compound to be restored. With its unique blend of Chinese decoration and Malay architecture the house held a wealth of cultural heritage and became the perfect catalyst for my art making, exploring the multicultural identity of Malaysia.

Rumah Uda Manap
56 x 142 cm
Ink, silk stitching on cotton

Coastal Stories

These drawings and screen prints were created upon my return to live on Sydney’s northern beaches after a prolonged absence of 15 years. They take a fresh look at the coastal lifestyle dreamland of my childhood and explore, in particular, what makes Sydney’s northern coastline utterly unique. Seagulls, surfboards, Norfolk Pines and Barrenjoey Lighthouse are a few of the things that caught my attention…

Limited edition print
42 x 30cm