See Oh Too

As global warming radically changes our planet we are facing an over production of CO2, a gas found naturally on our planet, and a vital part of the eco system as a whole. Our problem is now the over production of the gas, oceans are absorbing more co2 than they can tolerate and they are slowly acidifying.

The artwork, Sea Oh too, reflects on this problem and how we as individuals, communities, councils, states, countries, continents and planet are addressing the problem (or not).

During three days I will be cutting up atlases and books, specifically I will be cutting out fish shapes which I will then weave into a sculptural loom.

Books and fish are both symbolically charged – biblically, scientifically, West and East.

Fish represent food, nourishment and faith in Christianity. Their health is a reflection of the water in which they live. Books are knowledge and must be preserved and cherished -never leave books on the floor where someone could step on them, never put a cup or glass on a book, no books at the dinner/breakfast table, turn the pages from the corner -not close to the spine.

And never cut out a picture from a book.

So many rules on how to look after a book, yet we totally disrespect our greatest asset, nature.



Dreams & demons

Dreams & demons

– An Interactive Installation

“Dreams & demons is an invitation for the community to share its dreams and demons, hopes and fears. This interactive installation is a platform where dreams can be revealed to inspire others; a platform where demons can be voiced and released.” –Jessica b Watson

Dreams & demons is my first interactive artwork in Australia and I am inviting you to participate. Each dream or demon will remain anonymous and be hand embroidered onto strips of fabric. The artwork will develop as each strip of embroidered text is ceremoniously woven into the artwork.

I have chosen the inaugural Avalon Art Carnival to instigate this project as it is the place where I grew up. After 15 years based in Gothenburg, Sweden I returned to Avalon four years ago and found the return to be challenging -stirring up a multitude of thoughts, demons and forgotten dreams. Through conversations with friends, family and strangers I have found I am not alone in the thoughts of what has been, what is to come, and what is truly important on the grand scale of life - thus Dreams & demons emerged.


flickers is a celebration of colour and movement.

40 forms in five colours, red, blue, green, yellow and orange.

40 Artists flickering through the streets of Göteborg to break the rhythm of the everyday;

Welcome the Scandinavian Spring and throw colour onto winters’ grey.


This installation ultimately developed out the feeling of being an alien in a new country, learning a new language, new cultural traditions and new etiquettes. In addition, the intense Scandinavian winter, with its cold and darkness hit me hard. To counteract the challenges I personally encountered while living in in this new and seemingly harsh environment I endeavoured to create a world of play and visual humour, to brighten up winter-grey streets, enlivening the mood of the everyday.

Using Goteborg city as a stage, I set 40 flickers figures onto the streets in early Spring; red, blue, green, yellow and orange. These bright colours juxtaposed the starkness of early Spring, with its cold heavy mists, foliage devoid vegetation and short days.

The installation was created as a part of Göteborgsåret (The Gothenburg year) and was performed by acting students from Fågel Fenix Teater and professional dancers living in Gothenburg.

flickers was made possible by Göteborg&Co and with support of CIBA Specialty Chemicals, NORDIFA AB, Sjuhärads Färgeri, Alster modeller, Bolanders textil, Göteborgs spårvägar and VEENA AB.

Pulling it Together

Tangles, threads, kinks, knots and ropes -an exploration of what has been and what can be.