15 year sojourn

15 year sojourn: a visual compilation of my travels between 1996 and 2011 and the impact of returning to my hometown in Australia has had on my Visual Arts practice.

My preoccupation with Identity emerged and developed whilst I was living in Sweden between 1996 and 2011 - initially as a foreigner and then as a naturalized Swede. Journeys to South America, North Africa, Europe and South East Asia, whilst based in Sweden, further informed my ideas, my creative process and my artistic style. Travelling gave me first-hand exposure to both traditional and contemporary artistic patterns and how they are used within different cultures as a way of both anchoring identity and encouraging self-expression. The symbolism and cultural connotations associated with these patterns, embodied in the decorative and functional objects of ceremonious occasions, have been powerful sources of inspiration for my own creative expression and I use them freely to explore my ideas.

The mixed media stitched artworks often propagate from quick, preliminary pencil sketches which can, depending on the complexity of the image I am creating, develop further, using watercolour or colour pencil studies as a process to explore a particular idea or element within the emerging artwork.