Butterfly series

The Butterfly Series metamorphosed within the first few months of my yearlong Artist’s Residency in Malaysia in 2010. Before travelling to Asia I had become immersed in the world of butterflies and moths after visiting a Joseph Scheer exhibition in Sweden and had painted hundreds of translucent fabric butterflies.

This array of vibrant and muted butterflies, created in Sweden, was packed in my materials box and flew with me to Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia. There, in the tropical surrounds of my new studio, the butterflies were carefully placed onto a newly stretched canvas, their composition changing gradually as I explored the effects of layered colours, and with each new layer the colours changed and new forms were created.

Red hot butterflies deep sea butterflies

A lifelong love of embroidery and calligraphy inspired the fluid and rhythmic stitching that covers the entire artwork -reminiscent of traditional Japanese sashiko stitching (white thread on indigo fabric) or Indian Kantha stitching (running stitch). My Swedish butterflies came to life in a very multicultural Malaysian way.

Rain falling on butterflies Rain falling on butterflies