Tamworth Regional Gallery aquires artwork ‘Circular Motions’

The Tamworth Regional Gallery has acquired the stitched collage artwork, Circular Motions.
Circular Motions, 2014, 60 x 60cm, Ink and silk on linen and hemp canvas.

The circle has so many connotations from the tiny dot to our ever powerful energy producing sun. Charged with symbolism encompassing the ideas of unity, wholeness and infinity, it is protective and containing. Without beginning or end, it is in perpetual motion.
Circular motions draws energy from these powerful ideas as well as the humble sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma found in a variety of sea habitats in the cooler waters along the Australian coastline.
It is a treasure to find an urchin shell in its entirety, yet without its sharp spines. The shell is smooth, yet bumpy to the touch. These bumpy nodes anchor protective purple spines in place. Without these protective spines, the urchin shell colours can be seen, varying between soft mauves, pale greens and whites. Inspired by these subtle colour combinations and the symbolically charged circle, Circular Motions developed.

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